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Video of Maggotty High students dancing goes viral; School to take disciplinary action against a female student

Posted: October 28, 2013

Administrators of the Maggotty High School in St. Elizabeth say they will be taking steps to have removed, a video that has gone viral on social networking websites.

The video, reportedly shot over 2 years ago, depicts several students in Magotty High uniform dancing in a lewd manner, some displaying their underwear in the process.

It was posted on Facebook on the weekend, and has since garnered several comments about the students behaviour and its likely effect on the school's reputation.

Its understood that most of the students shown in the video have already graduated, or left the school. 

Principal Rawle Bent told Irie FM News that despite the video being an old one, its recent circulation on the internet has resulted in expressions of concern from parents, ministry officials, and the school board.

He says the school board will meet on Wednesday to discuss the issue.

Mr. Bent says administrators also held a special meeting with the current student body this morning (October 28).

He says the students were reminded of the school's code of conduct and of the expected behaviour of students while in, and out, of uniform.

Mr. Bent says previous attempts to have the video blocked on Facebook proved futile, because Facebook said it did not contain nudity.

He states that the school will seek the aid of the police to have the video removed.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry says disciplinary action will be taken against a female student of Maggotty High School, who was allegedly involved in a dance video that has gone viral on social networking websites.

In a statement this afternoon, the Ministry said it deplores the behaviour of students of maggoty high school as displayed in a video being circulated on social media.

It has called on school administrators to implement measures to prevent a recurrence.

The Education Ministry says the video was recorded during a dance held in 2011 at Apple Valley Park in St. Elizabeth.

According to the Ministry, only one of the offending students in the video, a girl still attends the school. It says the school will take appropriate disciplinary action against her.

Reacting to the incident, Education Minister Ronald Thwaites said parents and teachers must work together to ensure that students are instilled with positive values.

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