120 St. James residents receive free cataract surgeries

by August 6th, 2019

Some 120 residents of St. James have benefited from free cataract surgeries performed by ophthalmologists, attached to Canada Vision Care and the United States-based, Hawaiian Eye Foundation.

The surgeries were conducted last month, in Montego Bay.

The visit of the 18-member medical team, was made possible through partnership between the international charities, and the Lions Club of Montego Bay.

Pre and post-screening care were provided by local nurses and representatives from Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity.

Several patients with vision impairment, also received reading glasses, and bifocal and progressive lenses.

President of the Lions Club of Montego Bay, O’neil Daley, told JIS news, that the mission was in keeping with the club’s mandate, to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

He explained, that the club has been working with local partners, including the ministry of health and wellness, to identify individuals with the greatest need.

Director at the Community Vision Centre of Excellence Clinic, and founding member of Canada Vision Care, Dr. Gerry Leinweber, said that the charity has been working with Lions Clubs across Jamaica since 1981, to meet the eye care needs of underserved persons.

Dr. Leinweber, who is an Optometrist, said that focus is being placed on St. James, to help alleviate the strain on the Cornwall Regional Hospital, that is undergoing renovation.

He said the doctors will be back in November, to perform additional surgeries at the Community Vision Centre of Excellence Clinic.

The overseas medical team and local volunteers received high praises from several beneficiaries.