17 men deported from the UK, to get assistance from local NGOs

by February 11th, 2020

The 17 men deported from the United Kingdom earlier today, (February 11) are to get assistance from some local non governmental organizations, NGOs with their reintegration into society, after being processed by the security forces.

The flight from the UK landed at the Norman Manley International Airport shortly after midday, and the men were whisked away immediately to Harman Barracks, for processing.

The police indicated that processing includes, checking on their documents, as well as checking the JCF database if any of the men have outstanding matters in Jamaica.

Those not found with outstanding matters are than released to relatives and the NGO support groups.

One such group is the National Organisation of Deported Migrants.

Vice President Angeline Ellis was on hand with her team at Harman Barracks this afternoon to render aid to the deportees.

Ms. Ellis told Irie Fm News that the group assists with transport, documentation, and housing.

Meantime, eight people due to be deported from the United Kingdom, to Jamaica are having their cases reviewed by the Home Office after fresh legal representations were made.

According to reports on Sky News, the group is being held in detention centres while their cases are considered, but the move could see some being released.

Some 50 people were originally expected to be on a chartered deportation flight that left the UK this morning.

Campaigners say some of the people affected have lived in the UK since they were children, committed one-time offences when they were young, and have no links with Jamaica.

The plane took off with 17 on board after a last-minute legal battle between the government and human rights campaigners.

25 people were removed from the flight because of the court decision.

The Home Office lost a ruling yesterday, (February 10) after a judge said some of the detainees had not been able to get proper access to legal advice.

UK Chancellor, Sajid Javid insisted that those being deported are not British, but are foreign national offenders who reportedly committed serious offences such as rape and drug dealing.