Ziggy Marley shows support for Ukraine

by February 28th, 2022

Reggae singer Ziggy Marley has openly condemned Russia’s strike against its smaller neighbour, Ukraine.

Last week, Russia carried out airstrikes on cities and military bases in the predawn hours. The violence prompted thousands of Ukrainians to flee their homes, looking for safety in nearby countries.

Ziggy Marley, via Instagram, posted a picture of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin that was accompanied by the sounds of his 2018 single, “Fake Leaders” playing in the background.

In the caption, the son of Reggae Legend Bob Marley wrote, “Who here stands with Ukraine against bullyism? I and I do.”

Ziggy Marley continued, “Oil is a burden to humanity, those who have it hold the world hostage to their whims, and those who want to control it have killed millions to do so for their war and domination machine” ending with the hashtag “see dem fake leaders.”

At present, fighting has reportedly spilled into the streets, and explosions and gunfire were heard overnight as Russian troops advanced on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

On Sunday, some Jamaican students who were in Ukraine were forced to walk over 9 hours to the Polish border. The latest is that they are currently in Poland with plans to return to Jamaica.


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