Advocacy Group Says Studies Show Almost One Suicide Per Week In Jamaica

by September 11th, 2018

President of Choose Life International Dr. Donovan Thomas has stated that recent studies have revealed that almost every week, someone dies by suicide in Jamaica.


Dr. Thomas said before persons commit the act they engage in pre-suicidal behaviors.


The comments come in the wake of yesterday’s (September 10) observance of World Suicide Prevention day.


The recent Health and Lifestyle survey showed that among those who considered suicide, about 42% did nothing, about 43% made a plan and about 25% actually attempted suicide.


The study also revealed that there is a high rate of depression among Jamaican men in the 55 to 64 age group.


Dr. Thomas said mental conditions like depression can lead to suicide if not treated effectively.



Dr. Thomas says although Jamaica’s suicide rate still remains low, compared to other countries, one life is one too many.


He is urging members of the public to call the various regional health authorities or visit their local mental health clinics and health centres, if they need assistance.



Choose Life International will be hosting its annual world suicide prevention day seminar on Friday September 14, at the Jamaica Conference Centre.


Minister of Education Ruel Reid, and Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton, will be the main speakers.

The theme of World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 is working together to prevent suicide.

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