Agent Sasco delivers care packages to Jamaican veterans

by June 1st, 2020

Dancehall deejay Agent Sasco has extended his philanthropic arm, to provide care packages, for a number of Jamaican veterans, and widows of veterans.

Over the weekend, Agent Sasco through his Banks of Hope Foundation, with some help from the Digicel Foundation, made his first delivery of care packages, to the chairperson for the Royal Air Forces Association of Jamaica 580 Branch, for distribution to corporate area veterans, and 23 residents at the Curphey Veterans’ Home, in Newport, Manchester.

Agent Sasco who used his official social media pages to thank dub poet Steppa, and the Digicel Foundation for their donations, noted that he was most pleased to be able to personally deliver a package to a 95-year-old Royal Air Force, World War Two veteran.

According to Agent Sasco, the MetCalfe Street Secure Juvenile Remand Centre, where he has been mentoring juveniles since 2017, will be the next to receive care packages through his Banks of Hope Foundation.