Agriculture Ministry sets aside $50M dollars to assist poultry farmers

by January 26th, 2022

The Agriculture Ministry has set aside fifty million dollars to be disbursed to poultry farmers.

The assistance will be provided through the Rural Agriculture Development Authority RADA and follows concerns raised by small farmers about the increased cost of baby chicks.

Agriculture Minister Pearnel Charles Jr. in making the announcement, says the initiative is aimed at bolstering production of the local poultry sector.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday (January 25) Mr. Charles said roughly 75 per cent of the eggs used to provide baby chicks for the industry, are imported.

He said this situation has now resulted in individual and contract farmers finding it increasingly difficult to source baby chicks, for both their broiler and layer operations.

He stated that the ministry has been actively seeking more affordable market options for inputs such as baby chicks and fertile eggs, that can meet regulatory requirements and bring down the prices for local farmers.

Mr. Charles indicated to interested parties that the ministry will be facilitating the entry of investors, willing to take up the business opportunity, to supply the local market with baby chicks.

Image: JIS

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