Air Traffic Controllers head to IDT on Thursday

by January 14th, 2020

The wage dispute involving the country’s Air Traffic Controllers is expected to be heard by the Industrial Disputes Tribunal, IDT, on Thursday (January 16).

The matter was referred to the tribunal, after the Finance Ministry refused to honour certain items proposed in the wage claim.

The Jamaica Air Traffic Controllers Association, JATCA, negotiates directly with the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, and not the Finance Ministry.

President of JATCA, Kurt Solomon, says the air traffic controllers feel shackled by the arrangement, where their association does not speak directly with the Finance Ministry.

He explains that JATCA is unable to engage in a free and fair bargaining process, hence the matter being referred to the IDT.

Mr. Solomon says, air traffic controllers are frustrated with what he calls the lack of critical thinking, however they will continue to exercise patience as they carry-out their duties.