At least 40 flights scheduled to arrive in Jamaica today cancelled due to industrial action by air traffic controllers

by May 12th, 2022

At least 40 flights scheduled to arrive at the Sangster and Norman Manley International airports today (May 12) have been cancelled due to the industrial action by air traffic controllers.


Incoming flights impacted include those from the American cities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York and Atlanta. Incoming flights from Toronto in Canada and Antigua have also been impacted. Outgoing flights to those destinations have also been cancelled.


Several travellers to the island have taken to Twitter to share their frustration over the cancellations.


One user expressed fear that her niece’s wedding set for this weekend might be impacted, while another was upset that she only found out about the flight cancellation after going through airport security and getting ready to board her flight.


One frustrated traveller told IRIE F-M news that she was disappointed over the cancellation, and she was having trouble re-booking her flight.

Meanwhile, tourists in Jamaica expressed mixed reactions over being stuck at their resorts for another day or two.


Hundreds of passengers are at the airports awaiting transportation to return home or news from their airlines on what to do.


Meantime, the Tourism Ministry said it is monitoring the situation, maintaining contact with the Civil Aviation Authority and the country’s travel partners including airlines.


Senior Advisor and Strategist in the Tourism Ministry, Delano Seiveright said more than ten thousand travellers have been impacted by the cancellations.


He added that the Ministry is working to mitigate the fallout from the industrial action.




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