Attorney questions DPP’s ruling in Nzinga King case

by April 7th, 2022

In the wake of a report from the Public Defender, who found that the constitutional rights of Rastafarian Nzinga King were violated, questions are being raised about the conclusions drawn by the Director of Public Prosecutions, on the same matter.


Yesterday, Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry recommended, among other things, that King be compensated for damages for the alleged assault committed by the police officer.


King had claimed that her locks were cut by a police officer, while at a lock-up in Clarendon.


When the matter was examined by the DPP, that office ruled that there was no criminal case for the police to answer, and suggested that King seek redress as a civil case, instead.


In responding to yesterday’s findings by the Public Defender, defense lawyer Isat Buchanan said the matter should be revisited.



Mr. Buchanan said the Public Defender’s ruling will be helpful when the civil aspect of the matter is pursued.



The lawyer explained that the civil proceedings will start, upon completion of the outstanding charge against his client.


This relates to mask-wearing, under the now withdrawn Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA).


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