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Councillor narrowly escapes being shot in Central Village
The councillor for the Twickenham Park division in St. Catherine reportedly narrowly escaped being shot, after a vehicle which was
Serious and violent crimes equal figure for corresponding period last year
The latest crime statistics are showing that the number of reported serious and violent crimes has equalled the figure reported for the
Decomposing body of female found in Trelawny
The decomposing body of a female was discovered in Rio Bueno, Trelawny, yesterday (June 19).   The deceased has not been
Attorney in pepper spray case awaiting medical reports before filing lawsuit
The attorney representing the retired senior cop who was pepper sprayed, has indicated that he is awaiting some medical reports before
Six persons detained under Westmoreland Public Safety initiative
Efforts to restore law and order in Westmoreland have led to the detention of approximately six persons, the issuance of more than 100
PEP results to be released on Friday
The Education Ministry has confirmed that the results of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) for grade six students will be released
Gas prices trending down
Gas prices are trending down for another week.   The latest billing prices by the state owned Petrojam reveal that the cost of a
Online passport renewal to be rolled out this year
The Government intends to roll out an online passport renewal system this year.   National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang says