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Govt granted waiver for detention of 5 Jamaican fishermen by US Coast Guard
The Foreign Affairs Ministry says it granted a waiver in accordance with the Ship Rider Agreement which allowed for the detention of
AG to provide advice in legal challenge against the Government by PDVSA
The Attorney General is to advise the government on the next steps, in the legal challenge against the government by PDVSA, in relation
Opposition insists PEP grades and percentages be provided in format used for GSAT
The Opposition People’s National Party, P-N-P is insisting that the grades and percentages of each student who sat the Primary
Rains increase storage levels, but restrictions continue
The National Water Commission, NWC, has reiterated its advisory for customers in the corporate area to conserve water, despite an
Johnson-Smith: Lawsuit will not affect acquisition of shares held by Venezuela in Petrojam
Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson Smith has indicated that a recent lawsuit filed against the government by PDVSA in relation to
Government pushing for more youth involvement in diaspora affairs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is moving to incorporate more young people into the affairs of the diaspora. That’s according to
Meeting underway to resolve dispute between residents and Jisco
Residents of Lower Warminster in St. Elizabeth have reportedly put their protest against Jisco /Alpart on pause, as they await word
Dr. Clarke: legislative changes would be required if AGD is to submit audited financial statements to parliament
Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke has indicated that legislative changes would be required, if the Auditor General’s Department,