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Opposition calls for more resources to adequately manage dengue crisis
Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Morais Guy is calling for more resources to be allocated to hospitals across the island in order to
Labourer found guilty of beheading of St. Catherine mother and daughter
A 7 member jury today (November 26), found labourer Kemar Riley, guilty of the murder of the mother and daughter who were shot then
PM says new NIDS bill coming by end of fiscal year
The government has completed a revised policy on the basis of the recommendation of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the National
JPs warned to shun criminal activity
Justice Minister Delroy Chuck says a lot of the wrong doing and illegality in the country, have been facilitated by Justices of the
Police Federation pleased with progress of renovating police stations
The Ministry of National Security is making steady progress in rectifying the deplorable conditions in which hundreds of police
16 persons and companies charged for breaching plastic ban
The National Environment and Planning Agency, NEPA, is reporting that over 16 individuals and companies have been charged for breaching
Geo-Tech to initiate legal action against E-Learning Jamaica
Geo-Tech vision Jamaica is to initiate legal action against against E–Learning Jamaica. The move is to compel the state agency to
PNP writes AG requesting full financial investigation of RADA’s farm roads programme
Opposition leader Dr. Peter Phillips, has written to Auditor General Pamela Monroe Ellis, requesting a full financial investigation, of