Beenie Man urges government to address crime

by March 8th, 2021

Dancehall heavyweight Beenie Man is urging the government to address the crime and violence in Jamaica.

On social media, Beenie Man reposted the surveillance video footage of a shooting that happened on Saturday, March 6, in Peace View, Montego Bay, where a 16-year old was shot and killed. On the video posted in his Instagram story, Beenie Man wrote, “Mi nuh waan hear nutten bout COVID until them address this!”

In the footage, several men can be seen coming from two vehicles carrying what appeared to be firearms. A few minutes into the video, the teenager was shot, and the men returned to their vehicles and drove off.

At present, the Jamaican government is yet to address the current rise in crime and violence in the country, however, they have implemented new COVID-19 measures following the daily rise in cases.

Late last year, some entertainers and other stakeholders of the entertainment industry met with the Police Commissioner, Major Anthony Anderson, along with other members of his team, in a bid to gain new perspectives on the island’s fight against crime.

During the discussions, security experts say that entertainers have the perfect platforms and can be highly influential in appealing to lawbreakers in the country’s ongoing fight against crime.

Tony Rebel, Josey Wales, Christopher Martin, Agent Saco, Beenie Man, and Kevin Downswell were some of the entertainers who attended.