Boy washed away by flood waters

by September 25th, 2019

A search is underway for a child who was carried away by floodwaters, in Hermitage St. Andrew, Wednesday afternoon.  Reports are that the nine-year-old was walking home from school with an adult and other children about 3:45 pm.

Police reports are that they were crossing a track near a gully in Hermitage when he was carried away by floodwaters.

As the sections of the country continue to be pounded by heavy rainfall the National Works Agency is reporting that roads in Clarendon and St. andrew are impassable. Roads in St Catherine are also affected.

In Clarendon, the main roads from Kellits to Mcnie, May Pen to Sour Sop Turn, Danks to Mears Bridge, Mears Bridge to Grenock Bridge and St. Johns to Pedro are all flooded and impassable.

The Aenon Town, Carty Hill and Spalding communities have been experiencing flooding.

NWA Communications Manager Steven  Shaw says in St. Andrew, the main road from Papine to Redlight is impassable due to massive landslide, while sections of Sir Florizel Glaspole highway are being affected by flooding.

In St. Catherine, flooding is being experienced along Jobs Lane, due to a collapsed drain in the area.  Mr. Shaw says efforts are underway to lessen the effect of flooding in some of these areas.

He adds that work continues in the Mahogany Vale Community in St. Thomas, where the road was blocked by a massive landslide, Tuesday night.

Motorists are being urged to use alternative routes where possible.  Road users are urged to exercise extreme caution when using all roads that have been impacted by rainfall.