Buju Banton blasts entertainers for trash music and credits Putin for ending COVID

by April 7th, 2022

Eleven years after winning a Grammy Award for best Reggae Album, Buju Banton says Jamaicans are making trash music hence natives of Virginia a former slave colony in the United States, was named winners of this year’s Grammy Award in the Best Reggae Album category.

Buju made the comment during an interview on the Love and Harmony Cruise with Courtney Mac.

Known for speaking out on social injustices, The Gargamel said the world has been played and blames the so-called players for nonsensical decisions which led to suffering being encountered by the music industry and families in general since 2020.

The Buried Alive singer further added that there is work to be done to make this music great again.

Buju was speaking with IRIE FM’s Courtney Mac after a brilliant performance on the recently concluded Love and Harmony Cruise which returned on April 2 for 6 days and 5 nights after a two-year hiatus.

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