Bunny Wailer remains hospitalized in stable condition

by August 3rd, 2020

Two weeks after being hospitalized, the legendary Bunny ‘Jah B’ Wailer is in stable condition in the hospital.

The 73-year-old was admitted to the hospital after suffering a second stroke.

Since the 2018 stroke, Bunny Wailer has been to Cuba for treatment and has continued his rehabilitation in Jamaica.

He was last seen on stage in February when he accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association.

In relating news, Bunny Wailer and his family are still searching for his missing wife Jean Watt. The family is currently offering one million Jamaican dollars for the recovery or any valid information leading to the safe return of Sister Jean.

Persons with information can call or send a Whatsapp to 876 850 4403.

Ms. Jean Watt was last seen walking along the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, in May.