Business leaders call for bipartisan approach to improving NIDS Act

by April 15th, 2019

The country’s business leaders are calling for a bipartisan approach by the government and the opposition, in improving the National Identification and Registration Act.

Last Friday, the court ruled that the act, to bring about the National Identification System, NIDS, is null and void, and of no legal effect.


The business leaders said the establishment of a modern identification system was important to the country achieving the National Development Plan- Vision 2030.

The National Identification and Registration Act was passed in parliament despite the opposition’s call for the bill to be sent to a joint select committee of parliament.

Aspects of the act were challenged by the opposition as being unconstitutional.


In a joint statement the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, and the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association, said they respectfully accept the ruling of the court, but noted the importance of the objectives of the act.

The groups said, it appears that there is political consensus as to the necessity for implementing a national identification law.

They are urging both political parties to immediately commence consultations, to settling the differences in the legislation and avoiding the provisions which offend the constitution, so as to return a bill to the house and enable a smooth and early passage.

They added that this matter is one which must surpass partisan considerations, if the interest of all Jamaicans is to be served .

The business groupings offered their assistance with improving the legislation.