Businessman gets clearance to challenge FLA decision to revoke licenses

by November 8th, 2019

The court has granted permission for businessman Orville Henriques to seek judicial review of the Firearm Licensing Authority’s revocation of his licenses.


Attorney at law Bert Samuels told Irie FM News that the permission was granted today.


Mr. Henriques wants a judicial review of the decisions of the board of the FLA, made in July last year, to revoke his firearms users license, range operator approval, trainer approval, firearm dealer’s license, and gunsmith license.


He also wants a judicial review of the decision of the minister of national security, made in July this year, to refuse the appeal for the restoration of the licenses.


The first hearing of the claim is scheduled for February 13, next year.


Mr. Samuels said Mr Henriques’ business operations have been locked down for over a year, due to the revocation of the licenses.



He said the FLA is yet to provide details about why the licenses were revoked.