Call for collaborative approach to ensure safe transport of students to school

by May 9th, 2019

There is a call for a collaborative approach to ensure the safe transportation of students to school.


Acting Director of the Safety and Security in Schools unit in the Education Ministry Richard Troupe says there is a role for parents, students and transport operators.


His call follows an accident yesterday in Clarendon in which 11 students from Edwin Allen High were injured.


Mr. Troupe acknowledges that across the island there is a crisis relating to transportation for students which will require budgetary support.


He says the Education Ministry is concerned about the availability of seats in the system and has been working to resolve the situation.


In the meantime Mr. Troupe is urging students to be careful in the selection of taxis and for schools to be more lenient in some instances when students are late.



He is urging those in the transport sector to operate within the law as it relates to the number of persons being transported.



Mr. Troupe is calling for more vigilance on the part of the police and Transport Authority.