Call made for review of protocols that govern how nurses operate in Jamaica

by December 13th, 2021

There is a call for a review of the protocols that govern how nurses operate in Jamaica.


The call comes from two members of a medical mission that has been operating at Savanna La Mar hospital in Westmoreland, since October 17. The deployment comes to an end, this Friday, December 17.

The mission organized by the Jamaica Diaspora northeast consists of over 60 volunteers from overseas, including Jamaican nurses and other medical workers, who were deployed in Westmoreland, which has had a number of challenges since the pandemic, including several deaths and bed space issues at the hospital.


The purpose of the mission was to provide human resource support to local healthcare counterparts.


One of the nurses called for local nurses to have more autonomy and be able to carry out certain functions.

The Nurses Association of Jamaica has been lobbying for more than 15 years to have an intravenous infusion policy implemented. Emergency room registered nurses are able to carry out the task in dire situations.


Meantime, another nurse called for better salaries for nurses, so they can, among other things, own a home.

The nurses spoke with IRIE FM news, at the COVID-19 Mission closing event, held at the Skylark Negril Beach Resort at the weekend.

The event was organized by the Western Regional Health Authority.


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