Cases adjourned at Manchester Parish Court due to fire

by November 7th, 2019

Communications Director at Court Management Services, Kadiesh Fletcher says, it is still unclear when the Manchester Parish Court, in Mandeville, will resume its operations.

This, as fire gutted sections of the parish court, earlier this morning (November 7).

Mrs. Fletcher told Irie Fm News that, all matters that were to be brought before the court today were adjourned. She adds that, matters scheduled for tomorrow, (November 8) will also be adjourned.

Mrs. Fletcher says, efforts will be made to keep all stakeholders informed.

She also asked for the public’s understanding, as fire investigators and administration conduct their assessments.

She notes that, the safety of both staff and the public has to be considered.

Firefighters report that, about 4:05 am, they responded to a call about a fire at the Manchester Parish Court.

Deputy Superintendent for the Manchester Fire Department, Rohan Powell explains that, fire fighters fought the blaze for over one hour before getting it under control.

He adds that the main area of the court house and the records office are still functional, as they were not affected by the fire.

It is still unclear what caused the fire.