Changes Coming to Cabinet Soon

by August 15th, 2018

Changes are expected to be made soon to the cabinet, especially with regards to a new minister to oversee the portfolios of Science, Energy, and Technology.


The three portfolios are currently being managed by the Office of the Prime Minister after the former minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, was separated from the portfolio responsibilities, in the wake of controversy over Petrojam and National Energy Solutions Limited (NESOL).


While responding to questions earlier today (August 15) at the Quarterly Press Briefing, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said it would not be a cabinet reshuffle, but more a realignment of responsibilities.


He said he wants to ensure that changes made do not create other problems.



The prime minster admitted that, he did not want to have too many portfolios under his direct supervision, and noted concern expressed by some, about this.



And the Prime Minister said he has met with all but two of the boards in the ministries of Science, Energy and Technology.


The meetings are part of a governance review process to ensure that policy guidelines are followed, and that the actions of the boards and the entities fall within the governance framework, established by the government.


This, in the wake of concerns raised about mismanagement and alleged corruption at some entities under the ministries, including Petrojam and NESOL.


Prime Minister Holness said he hopes to conclude the meetings by weekend.



He said he is considering expanding the governance review process to boards in all other ministries.


The Prime Minister said, he will go through to give policy directions where necessary, and properly empanel some boards that have expired.



He said its intended that at the end of the review process, and after consulting with cabinet about appointing new boards, he will name a new minster for the Science, Energy and Technology portfolios.

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