Chief Justice Sykes announces initiatives to reduce delays in court hearings

by November 5th, 2018

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, has announced a raft of initiatives to increase hearing date certainty and reduce delays particularly in the Home Circuit Court.


Hearing date certainty is one of several benchmarks which measure the efficiency of court operations.


It refers to the certainty that cases will begin on the scheduled date.


Delivering the keynote address at a Justices of the Peace training seminar at the Jamaica Conference Centre, Chief Justice Sykes disclosed that the initiatives being undertaken to drive efficiency are being done without additional financial expenditure, judges or courtrooms.


According to the Chief Justice, there is now a deliberate effort to reorganize how matters are scheduled in the Home Circuit Court in order to increase hearing date certainty with registrars  now setting trial dates for 2019 and 2020



The Chief Justice says the rural circuits will also benefit from improved scheduling