Chief Justice vows that all outstanding judgements in Supreme Court will be delivered by year end

by March 11th, 2019

Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes, has vowed, that all outstanding judgements in the Supreme Court, will be delivered by year end.

In an address to the nation last evening (March 10), he said, that he will be implementing measures, to ensure that these objectives are met, because they form part of his vision for Jamaica’s judiciary, to be the best.

The Chief Justice was speaking against the background of a history of backlog cases, that hamper the country’s justice system.

The Chief Justice said, judges, court staff, witnesses, jurors and attorneys, must work together, to improve the administration of justice.

He said that part of the new mandate for an efficient court system, will be trail and hearing date, certainty.

Justice Sykes noted, that due to improvements already made in some courts, he expects the current backlog, to be cleared-up soon.

Meantime, the Chief Justice has stressed, that efficient courts require a culture of service, among staff and judges.

In his first ever address to the nation last evening (March 10), Justice Bryan Sykes said, ongoing training in customer service skills, will help improve the public perception of the court system

Other issues that the Chief Justice intends to tackle as part of improvements to the justice system, are time management, and proper use of resources.

He pledged, to reduce the wait time for the adjudication of certain matters, to weeks.