Children’s Advocate says attention criminals receive from violent acts against children could be perpetuating the issue

by May 14th, 2019

The attention criminals receive as a result of attacks they carry out on the nation’s children could be perpetuating the issue.


That’s according to Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison.


There have been numerous attacks on the nation’s children in recent months.


Since the start of the week alone, at least two children have been killed and several others reported missing.


Last evening (May 14, 2019), 15-year-old student, Jevaughn Morris, of Greenvale Road in St. Andrew was shot dead by gunmen, in bull bay, also in the parish.


Hours earlier, the decomposing body believed to be that of 17 year old Stefika Smith of Strawberry Hill, Clarendon, was found with the throat slashed close to a cane field in the parish.


She was reported missing on Saturday, May 11.


Mrs. Gordon-Harrison says criminals seem to like the attention they are getting and as such, they continue their attacks.



She told Irie FM News that adequate resources are needed to quickly respond to missing children reports.



The Children’s Advocate is urging residents to play their part in curbing the issue, by providing whatever useful information they have on the whereabouts of children, to the police.