Chronixx responds to critics after Vybz Kartel backlash

by April 1st, 2016

Chronixx has responded to his critics in a lengthy Instagram post titled “whey yuh know bout pressure” after being accused of disrespecting Vybz Kartel.

The roots reggae singer received heavy backlash from social media users for a comment he made about the jailed dancehall deejay.

Chronixx was speaking with Noisey about crime and Jamaican music when he said Vybz Kartel over time had become cannibalistic through his music. Take a listen.

Though the majority of the comments showed support for Vybz Kartel, there were a few persons who supported Chronixx.

One viewer posted “this is a very intelligent analysis of the impact that dark mind dancehall artistes have on the Jamaican society. Their degradation of self, murderous messages, unhealthy sexual practices and the promotion of the fast life cannot go unnoticed.”

While another stated, “Chronixx, don’t go there with that bull. The man in jail, give the man a break, do your thing. I am 50 and I have been going to dance before you were born. Deejays like Echo Slackness and Yellow Man used to sing slackness long before Kartel.”

Chronixx in his lengthy post said “for all true supporters of Vybz Kartel as a true talent… you have all right in the world. Put every other element aside, Vybz Kartel as a student of the music and our culture is an undeniable and exceptional talent who has proven himself to be a fearless creative soul on this earth.”

This is the second time Chronixx has come under heavy criticisms by social media users. Last year he was attacked on social media for his controversial ‘waste man’ statement that was directed at United States President Barack Obama.