Churches to re-open for in-house services this weekend

by May 12th, 2020

The government has outlined strict guidelines under which church services are to be conducted over the next two weeks.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the measures will be tested over the period, and if they are faithfully implemented and work, they could become a permanent feature of the gazette.


The decision relating to how church services are conducted came out of a meeting with church leaders last Friday.


The guidelines take effect this Saturday, May 16.



Churches will also be required to do temperature checks on entry, and social distancing rules of being six feet will apply for other spaces such as vestries or churchyards.


The gathering rules of no more than ten people apply for spaces outside the worship hall.


Churches are asked to hold more than one service per day to allow for physical distancing.


The Prime Minister says there should be no overlapping of services and sufficient time should be given to sanitize the worship area before the other groups arrive.


Other guidelines will also be in effect for the 2 weeks.



Mr. Holness says the authorities will be monitoring the implementation of the guidelines to ensure there is no outbreak.