Citizens block sections of Walkerswood main road in protest of poor road conditions

by May 24th, 2022

Private motorists in St Ann had to resort to clearing sections of the Walkerswood main road this morning, after taxi operators and residents blocked the thoroughfare in protest of poor road conditions.

The protest which followed one of a similar nature in the vicinity in April, began before 6 am.

Police officers and members of the fire brigade were deployed to the location to clear sections of the road leading into Moneague.

However, protesters resumed blocking the roads with tree trunks and other debris.

One taxi operator told Irie Fm news that the protest is due to the passing of a deadline that was given for rehabilitation work to begin on the road.

The taxi operators who withdrew their services and parked along the side of the roadway, called for member of parliament Lisa Hanna to intervene.

They re-iterated the expenses to fix vehicles damaged by pot holes.

Meanwhile, civilians affected by the protest relayed that being late for work and school were their main issues.

One motorist said taxi operators and residents should find other means of protesting that do not negatively impact the public.

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