Citizens converge on Gordon House to call for protection of Cockpit Country

by September 17th, 2019

Members of the Cockpit Country Coalition along with scores of concerned citizens assembled at the National Heroes Circle, in Kingston, this morning (September 17) protesting against mining in the Cockpit Country.


Scores of placard bearing protestors stood peacefully sometimes chanting, holding up signs and banners.


Among the supporters, were members of the Rastafari community, who believed that mining in the cockpit country would be detrimental to Jamaica’s environment and livelihood.



He added that bauxite is not contributing significantly to the country’s revenue.



Taino chief of the Jamaica Humming Bird tribe explained that a part of his duty and focus is to preserve, protect and share awareness.


Noting that he is a member of the Cockpit Country Warriors, the Taino chief says, he is demonstrating to protect the lands, the caves and the walkways of the ancestors.



The demonstrators’ message to the government is to withdraw, what they call, the ‘ill-conceived cockpit country protected area boundary’ presented in parliament, on November 21, 2017.


The demonstrators maintained that this boundary was designed deliberately by the government to facilitate the mining of rich bauxite deposits, known to be there.


They are calling on the Government to replace the ‘cockpit country protected area boundary’ with the ‘Cockpit Country Stakeholders’ boundary’.


They insist that this replacement will take into consideration, the outer border of the Cockpit landscape, ultimately preventing mining in the area.


The demonstrators then marched to the house of parliament, for part two of the demonstration.


Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Central Kingston, Reverend Ronald Thwaites, says he is a supporter of those who are trying to ensure that the cockpit country is not raped by bauxite mining.