Clarendon police to clamp down on businesses operating without licenses, starting March 1

by February 10th, 2019

Come March 1, the Clarendon police will begin clamping down on businesses operating without licenses.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Paul Bernard says persons operating without the appropriate licenses, will be prosecuted and their businesses closed.

He says unlicensed businesses rob the government of millions of dollars in taxes.

Mr. Bernard says persons must regularize their businesses.

Meanwhile, People’s National Party, PNP, Caretaker for South East Clarendon, Patricia Duncan Sutherland, says the move might have social and economic implications.

She says closing businesses will result in many persons losing their livelihoods and not being able to meet their economic responsibilities.

In light of this, Mrs Duncan Sutherland is appealing to the police to reconsider their decision, and to instead engage in public education campaigns, aimed at business regularization.