Clarendon residents express mixed feelings about SOE, while St. Catherine business community welcomes it

by September 5th, 2019

Residents of some communities in Clarendon have expressed mixed feelings about a state of emergency in the parish.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness, today (September 5) announced the declaration of states of public emergency for St. Catherine and Clarendon.


Several sections of the society have been clamoring for the emergency powers to be effected in Clarendon in response to the surge in criminality. The emergency measure will remain in place initially for 14 days.


Irie FM News spoke with residents in Clarendon today some of whom welcomed the emergency measures, saying it will help curb criminality.



However, others indicated that the SOE will only result in criminals going into hiding for a short period.



Meantime, the St. Catherine business community has welcomed the declaration of a state of public emergency in the parish, despite the implications for business operations.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the declaration of states of public emergency in St. Catherine and Clarendon, this morning.


Speaking in an interview with Irie FM News, president of the St. Catherine Chamber of Commerce, Dennis Robotham noted that the SOE is accepted by most business persons in the parish, as they believe it could help restore normality to their communities.



Mr. Robotham said he is anticipating that better accommodation will be made for business interests to prevent economic fallout.