Commendations for those who responded to Allman Town fire victims

by January 12th, 2020

Charity organisations, civic society, politicians, and government entities are being commended for their quick response to assist several persons, including children, left homeless after fire of unknown origin, gutted a building in Allman Town, Kingston on Friday.


PNP candidate for Central Kingston, Imani Duncan Price, representing current Member of Parliament Reverend Ronald Thwaites, visited the area to offer support and encouragement.


Duncan Price said the National Solid Waste Management Authority, has sent in a team to help with cleanup operations.



Representatives from the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation also visited the site.


She said efforts are being made to help the children, who lost school supplies and uniform, prepare for return to school tomorrow.



Duncan Price said the fire victims have already received some monetary support, and attempts are being made to secure temporary shelter.