Corporate entity joins fight against dengue spread

by January 21st, 2019

With the recent increase in cases of dengue-related illnesses and deaths in Jamaica, residents of Old Harbour in St. Catherine are one step closer to a dengue free environment.

This as some 1800 Tilapia fish, provided by the Ministry of Fisheries, were deposited into gullies in the community recently.

Noting that a sensitization meeting was also held in the community last Friday, where 24 bottles of mosquito repellent were distributed, Community and Public Relations Specialist at Jamaica Energy Partners, JEP, Mellisa Newman says the move is one step to successful mosquito eradication.

She adds that the fish will significantly reduce the number of larvae that exist in water settlements, such as gullies.

Noting the possible health effects associated with mosquito-borne diseases Newman says she hopes other organizations will play their part in creating a mosquito free environment.

She says a larvae count will be conducted in the upcoming weeks to assess the effectiveness of this environmentally friendly approach of reducing mosquito reproduction.