Covid-19 vaccination task force suggests rewards for vaccinated

by October 28th, 2021

The National Covid-19 Vaccination Operationalization Task Force wants greater efforts to reach people who are due their second dose of vaccine, but have not gone to get the jab.

This, against the possibility that thousands of doses of Astrazeneca vaccine that will expire by Sunday, will be dumped.

There has been a drop in the number of people seeking to be vaccinated, as well as vaccine hesitancy among the population.

Task force chairman Professor Gordon Shirley, is suggesting that another way to use up the vaccines, would be to allow persons to take the shot little earlier than scheduled.

He added that the communication issues surrounding vaccination campaign must be fixed.

He wants the authorities to listen more to the various concerns of Jamaicans and respond appropriately.

Professor Shirley also wants a more targeted effort to deal with misinformation.

The Task Force also believes the machinery of political parties should be used to help with the vaccination process, and that this should be a bipartisan effort across all constituencies.

Meantime, the task force is recommending that persons who have been fully vaccinated, should be rewarded.

Task Force chairman Professor Gordon Shirley says the reward could come in the form of access to well structured sporting or entertainment events.

He adds that a member of the task force is working with the sectors to make this a reality.

Professor Shirley says the upcoming Christmas season could be used to offer this type of reward to the vaccinated.

He states that the group is of the view that Jamaicans need to accept that there is a possibility of Covid-19 being around for a much longer time.

Professor Shirley adds that the country should be opened up when key targets are met.

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