Crime chief dismisses claim of human trafficking hot spots; National Rapporteur defends her claim

by July 31st, 2021

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of crime Fitz Bailey has dismissed claims from the Office of the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, that Jamaica has 4 human trafficking ‘Hot Spots’.


DCP Bailey’s comments come 2 years after National Rapporteur Diahann Gordon Harrison, revealed the findings of an assessment done by her office, which was deemed evidence of human trafficking activity, in the island.


Mrs. Gordon Harrison made the disclosure, while speaking at the launch of a human trafficking survivors’ handbook and human trafficking e-learning platform, in June 2019.



An info graphic of the assessment was also posted on the office of the national rapporteur on trafficking in persons, social media pages.


DCP Bailey responded to the claims, while addressing a virtual forum, hosted by the National Taskforce Against Trafficking in Persons yesterday, which was observing World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, under the theme “Victims Voices Lead the Way”.


When asked by Irie FM News this afternoon to clarify his comments, DCP Bailey stressed that, at no point in time, was there ever a so called human trafficking hot spot.


And, when asked by Irie FM News, Mrs. Gordon Harrison explained that the term ‘Hot Spot’ was coined by her office, to describe the locations for rampant human trafficking activity, based on data from the police force.



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