Culture Ministry To Establish National Concert Hall For Reggae Music

by September 9th, 2018

Government has identified land on which it will establish a national reggae music concert hall.


This was revealed by Culture Minister Olivia Grange at a ceremony for the unveiling of a statue of cultural icon Louise Bennett Coverley, Miss Lou, in Gordon Town on Friday (September 7).


The revelation is an update on a promise by the Minister that effort will be made to create a special space for the enjoyment of all forms of Jamaican music.


This space is intended to house thousands of music patrons, and will eliminate the need to use facilities built specifically for sporting events, which oftentimes lack the necessary acoustic and artistic amenities.


Miss Grange said the government is now seeking investors to help with the development of the project.



Culture Minister Olivia Grange was speaking with  Irie FM hosts Kabu Maat Kheru and Mutabaruka.



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