CXC to revise exam schedules and format

by March 26th, 2020

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has revised its examination strategy for the May/June 2020 sitting, due to the impact of the coronavirus on the education system across the region.


The revised format will see students being graded for the multiple-choice paper as well as their School-Based Assessment (SBA), while for private candidates, their paper 3 SBA alternative.


The announcement was made today by registrar and CEO Dr. Wayne Wesley.



There are, however, some exceptions to this, such as for Visual Arts, which will be conducted in the original examination format.



He stressed that even though the revised examination schedule is July, the CXC continues to monitor the situation.



Meantime, the submission deadline for SBA’s has been pushed back by a month from May to June.


This revised deadline is, however, contingent on the on-going effects of the coronavirus on the region’s education system.


The matter was addressed at a press conference today by CXC Senior Manager for Examination Administration Dianne Medford, and CEO Dr. Wayne Wesley.



With regards to oral examinations for languages, Dr. Wesley said the dates have been revised as well.



Dr. Wesley also indicated why some subjects still required students to follow the original examination format, while it has been revised for all others to submit SBAs.