David Rowe’s relatives didn’t expect his sudden death

by January 13th, 2018

Relatives of the Jamaican born attorney, Professor David Rowe have confirmed reports that he passed away, yesterday morning (Jan 12).

They say he died about 11 o’clock at the Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida, United States.

The prominent law professor of the University of Miami died after being ill for some time.

He was 59 years old.

The relatives say even though he had been ailing, it was not from a condition which they expected to result in his death.

Meantime, President of the Jamaican Bar Association Jacqueline Cummings says members of the JBA regret the passing of Rowe.

Ms. Cummings describes Professor Rowe as a learned scholar of the law, adding that he never forgot his Jamaican roots, and that he was always willing to comment on legal issues that affected the country.

Professor Rowe was a popular commentator,  both locally and overseas, and was often consulted by media to speak on several issues that covered his expertise in immigration law and extraditions.

Many persons on social media have posted tributes, and extended condolence to his family, via his Facebook page.