Decrease in fatal shootings by the Security Forces

by June 13th, 2019

Deputy Commissioner at the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), Hamish Campbell, says while the agency is pleased to see a reduction in the number of fatal shootings by members of the security forces, there are still areas of concern.


Speaking at press conference today (June 13), Campbell noted that over 130 people were killed by soldiers and police during 2018.


The reduction trend continued into this year with just over 40 persons killed so far.



He also noted a reduction in the number of persons killed during planned operations.



There were also reductions with the number of off duty shootings, the number of officers charged with murder, the number of shootings at vehicles, and the number of cops discharging weapons while at parties.


Campbell however expressed concern with the high number of cases involving victims who were unarmed.



He said that trend has continued into this year.



He added that INDECOM was also concerned about multiple deaths from a single incident.


In many cases, INDECOM found that only one gun was responsible for 3 persons being killed.