Delay in launch of website for $20,000 device incentive programme

by November 19th, 2020

There has been a delay in the launch of the website for the education ministry’s ‘Own Your Own Device’ incentive programme.


The portal, which should allow parents access, to apply for a $20,000 grant, to offset the cost of digital devices, should have gone live on Tuesday afternoon, but it is still not yet active.


In a release this morning, the education ministry apologised for the delay, in the system of the application process, while noting that the organization, that was engaged to develop the system, has apologised for the setback.


The ministry says the entity is working on fixing the technical difficulties and will have the matter addressed, as soon as possible.


In the interim, the public is being advised to contact 888-EDU-CATE (888-338-2283) or 888-724-8463 to obtain information on the programme.