DPP praise police for proper investigation of Kirkland Heights abduction/ murder case

by May 17th, 2019

Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn has praised the police for carrying out a thorough investigation into the Kirkland Heights abduction case, resulting in the conviction of the three accused.

In October 2013, two men – Curtis martin and Mario Daley – were abducted from their home in East Kirkland Heights.

They are presumed dead. Their bodies have not been recovered.

Police later arrested and charged 2 men and a woman for the murders.

Last week, the 3 accused – Damian Lawrence, Evon Simmonds and Dionne Mitchell – pleaded guilty to the charges against them.

The three are to be sentenced, next Friday, May 24.

Ms. Llewellyn said the prosecution was able to secure the convictions, even without the bodies of the victims, because of the investigative work done by the police.

She outlined that the three accused were convicted on robbery charges, prior to being charged with murder.

She said circumstantial evidence was used to win the murder case.