Dr. Clarke: legislative changes would be required if AGD is to submit audited financial statements to parliament

by June 11th, 2019

Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke has indicated that legislative changes would be required, if the Auditor General’s Department, is to submit audited financial statements to parliament.

This would facilitate having an independent, external, entity conduct an audit of the department.

The comments were in response to Deputy House Leader Everald Warmington, in the wake of the tabling of a report from the Auditor General’s Department today (June 11) on its budgetary allocation.

Warmington told the house that the report tabled today is inadequate, and repeated his call for the financial statements.

Dr. Clarke said todays tabling of the report of the department’s spending is a step in the right direction.

The Finance Minister agreed with Warmington that all departments of government ought to be subject to an annual audit.

He, however, pointed out that current legislation stipulates that the ministry’s internal audit directorate, audits the department.

Dr. Clarke pointed out that the department in turn, audits the internal audit directorate.