Draft policy on imported chicken neck & back almost done

by March 5th, 2021

Agriculture Minister Floyd Green said a draft policy for the importation of chicken neck and back has been finalized and will be taken to cabinet next week.


He explained that the ministry recently completed a series of consultations and investigations in relation to the policy.


Mr. Green stated that the approach to be taken looks at food security, food safety and what is necessary to ensure the population has access to protein, at a reasonable cost.



Last month, the agriculture minister said he would be working closely with several agencies to bring to an end, any illicit importation of chicken parts.


The ministry does not give permits for people to import leg quarters or mixed parts, but provides permits in relation to chicken neck, back and feet.


Mr. Green said sufficient safeguards are being put in place for the local industry to ensure stronger and more consistent monitoring and management of the importation process, to reduce the entry of mixed parts and chicken leg quarters.