Edu Min sends trauma team to Rhodes Hall High following murder of bus driver

by February 27th, 2020

A trauma management team from the Ministry of Education’s Region 4 office will visit the Rhodes Hall high school in Hanover next Monday, March 2, to provide grief counselling support to the school community.


This follows the killing of a bus driver on the compound on Tuesday afternoon.


Special support will be provided to the students who were transported by the bus driver.


The ministry said the initial trauma management team that was mobilized by the ministry’s regional office to provide support to the institution was unable to gain access to the school compound as it was being treated as an active crime scene.


Reports are that about 12:40 p.m. two men on a motor bike gained access to the school compound and shot and killed 31 year old bus driver, Rayon McKenzie otherwise called ‘Tall Boss’ of Silver Spring, Sheffield, Westmoreland.


McKenzie was contracted by the school to provide transportation services to students on PATH, under the ministry’s rural school bus programme.


Mr. McKenzie reportedly died on the compound after he was shot several times by the men.


No other person was harmed during the gun attack.


Minister with responsibility for Education Karl Samuda said this incident represents another unfortunate and regrettable violent attack that will further traumatize children.


He has reinforced the ministry’s commitment to revisit all security arrangements and to do all that is humanly possible to ensure the security and safety of schools’ personnel especially children in educational institutions.