Education min. official reveals that purchasing of additional textbooks is not necessary

by November 28th, 2019

Some members of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee today, (November 28), expressed surprise at the revelation that money spent over the years to purchase text books for students could have been saved as the books were not necessary.

This in the wake of Permanent Secretary in the Education Ministry, Dr. Grace Mclean’s declaration, that there is no need for an additional booklist outside of the books provided by the Education Ministry, especially at the secondary level.

She was responding to a query from PAC Member and Opposition Spokesman on Education Peter Bunting.

Mr. Bunting said the comments from Dr. Mclean as to what should be the norm, is vastly different from his experience, and that of several members of parliament.

He said had he known that the booklist was not mandatory, he would have saved money used from his constituency development fund to purchase books when parents come to him for assistance.