Education Minister hopeful Restorative Justice Practices Programme certifications, will lead to a reduction in violence in schools

by July 15th, 2022

Minister of Education Fayval Williams is hopeful there will be a reduction in violent activities in schools, especially in the up coming new school year, owing to the certification of persons in the Restorative Justice Practices Programme.

Speaking at this morning’s (July 15), Restorative Practices Certificate ceremony, the minister said the plethora of violent activities was a bad reflection of the education sector.

She said the programme which was done in 104 schools, including 78 secondary schools, is vital and noted that its continuation will be necessary to promote non violent ways in solving disputes.

Referring to a recent incident where a taxi operator reportedly stabbed another over a passenger, the minister said the incident shows the need for restorative justice in the country.

The Restorative Justice Practices Programme which saw some 3000 participants began in may and ended on July 1.

It was done through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Justice and Education Ministries.

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