Education Ministry says 390 teachers have resigned since last September

by February 13th, 2020

Some 390 teachers islandwide have resigned within a 6 month period.


Education Minister, Karl Samuda made the revelation at a press conference at the ministry’s offices in downtown Kingston, this afternoon (February 13).


He said between September 2019 and February 5, 2020, close to 400 teachers, mostly employed to secondary schools left the profession.


According to Mr. Samuda, while some of the teachers migrated, others have moved on to take up other jobs in the country.


Mr. Samuda noted, however, that the number of teachers, who resigned, represents only 1.6 % of the island’s teachers.


He said it is not a great cause for concern.



Mr. Samuda explained that the ministry has put in place, a series of measures to address the issue.


They include the merger of classes to reduce teacher demand, videotaping of lessons, school twinning programme, hiring of part-time teachers and the re-engagement of retired teachers.


He said so far, some 51 retired teachers have been re-engaged.


Mr. Samuda also noted that more is being done to address the issue further