Entertainers react to so-called benefits from tourism

by June 7th, 2021

Members of the entertainment industry are reacting to a report in the media suggesting that the entertainment sector has benefited as tourism rebounds.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, nearly $500 million has been paid out by the hotels to Jamaican musicians, Jamaican artists, Jamaican singers, and Jamaican bands to provide entertainment services for their guests.

Beenie Man, Cecile, Stacious, Mr. Lexx, and Zagga are among the many industry players reacting across social media platforms.

On Instagram, Cecile wrote, “Me know mi nuh earn one cent.”

Mr. Lexx, in the comment section, asked, “Pupah Geezas den a which industry me inna.”

While Beenie Man used the laughing emoji to convey his stance.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic dimmed the lights on entertainment events around the world many Jamaican entertainers and industry players have not been able to earn for almost a year and a half.