Expert says there are bright prospects for the Jamaica and Caribbean sugar industries

by November 3rd, 2018

Government Affairs and Communication Officer in Belize, William Neal, says there are still bright prospects for the sugar industry in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.


He however notes, that the industry needs to be reformed, and made more efficient and productive.


Mr. Neal pointed-out that Caricom presently has a demand of 350 thousand tonnes of sugar annually, of which 203 thousand tonnes of this demand is imported refined sugar, from Colombia and Guatemala.



He said, that if reformed, Caricom sugar industries can make up for this demand, and not only survive the present challenges, but will be sustainable well into the future.



Mr. Neal was keynote speaker, during yesterday’s session of the annual convention of the Jamaica Association of Sugar Technologists, in St. Ann.


Citing the need for greater regional integration, he said each Caribbean country, needs to take honest assessment of the challenges they are facing, and bring everyone to the table, to decide on the way forward.