Family Therapist says inability to handle challenges cause men to lash out

by November 6th, 2018

One Family Therapist is suggesting that an inability to handle sustained challenges over time, could be one reason why men brutally harm their spouses.


Dr. Sydney McGill’s statement comes in light of several recent domestic violence cases where women and children have been killed, in some instances by their partner or former spouse.


The latest incident of a child being killed occurred at the weekend.  Nine year old Steve Johnson was the victim.


His mother and a younger brother were also wounded in the incident, and are said to be in serious, but stable condition at hospital.


Speaking in an interview with Irie Fm News, Dr. McGill says many Jamaican men are suffering from reactive depression and this could lead them to committing violent acts against women and children.


Dr. Mcgill states that these men often feel they have run out of options and are not in tune with their emotions.


The Family Therapist notes that couples need to work on not having unrealistic expectations of their partners.


He adds that couples need to work on developing problem solving skills to avoid inflating problems.